QUEERTAINMENT – Queer Girl Parties! from Queertainment LA on Vimeo.


Who We Are:

Queertainment is an LGBTQAI+ party production group with a team of DJ’s, promoters, dancers, comedians, live musicians, photographers, support managers, outreach managers, consultants, graphic designers, and beyond for public events and private parties.

All of us are creative creatures who are passionate about using our talents to cultivate safe enriching environments for the queer community.  We currently host safe spaces for LGBTQAI+ to connect, educational mixers, and fundraising benefits.

Public Events:

Check out our list of public queer events hosted by both Queertainment-affiliated and/or separate unaffiliated talent.  The list is comprehensive as we intentionally chose to include ALL lesbian/queer events, rather than just solely Queertainment organized events.  We love and support all efforts to create safe, fun, spaces for the queer community to hang out and connect.

If there are any events you think we should add to the list, please reach out to us.  We continue to grow and appreciate your support by liking and following us on social media.  We are currently on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Hire Us:

To hire us to plan/host one of your public or private events, please contact us.